Ecommerce and Advertising Law with Attorney Robert Freund.
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Ecommerce and Advertising Law with Attorney Robert Freund.

Today, we're fortunate enough to be in conversation with Rob, a seasoned attorney with wide-ranging expertise, particularly in the e-commerce sector and consumer law. He's worked in major law firms defending consumer class action cases and now plays a freelance role dealing with aspects such as ADA compliance, subscription terms, and conditions.

Our aim today is to delve into the intricate workings of law in e-commerce, understanding how to promote change, and the repercussions of these laws on consumers. We'll tackle some of the most common consumer issues related to subscriptions, discounts, publicity rights, and more. Rob will also be sharing insights drawn from his robust legal experience in cases featuring allegations of misleading advertising and the implications of such lawsuits.
So, as we navigate these complex but necessary aspects of the e-commerce world, let's ponder on state, federal, and potential Supreme Court intervention, and how brands and illustrations of advanced technology like AI fit into the legal schema. Stay tuned!

01:57 Backup and restore Shopify store with Google Sendlane.

08:53 ADA compliance lawsuits: Predatory or necessary tension?

12:59 California no longer allows ADA claims in court. Pennsylvania allows ADA claims against online businesses.

17:45 Addressing ADA online applicability; influence on appellate justices.

22:50 Conversation about capping attorneys fees in California.

31:34 Consumer complaints in California lead to lawsuits.

36:27 Objective court tests reasonable person bias. Gray area.

42:55 FTC warns AI needs regulations; challenges emerge.

47:59 Joe Rogan can sue for voice usage.

50:10 Check your gut, cleverness could mean illegality.

59:33 Exceptions to price transparency for some industries.

01:03:40 Lawyers help clients understand and manage risks.

01:05:57 Next week, another guest from e-commerce. Thanks!

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