Fusing Tech and Marketing With Outway's Taylor Fraser.
Ecom GoldOctober 26, 2023x
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Fusing Tech and Marketing With Outway's Taylor Fraser.

[00:02:20] Rob and I met, clicked, and started working together.
[00:05:46] Entrepreneur struggled, then learned coding, excelled.
[00:09:06] Interesting take on leveraging Shopify's technology.
[00:12:12] Used meta fields, learned about meta objects. Querying and displaying appropriate descriptions. Adding complicated tech features section with many images.
[00:13:13] No actual words coded. Image used instead. Indexed incorrectly for SEO. Organized sock data with meta fields.
[00:19:02] Clean, simple product pages eliminate inefficiency.
[00:20:14] Customized product images for a personalized experience.
[00:26:27] Difficult to take on Q Four projects. Next year launching customer-friendly projects. No meta fields or objects. Pack builder, personalized packs, volume discount. Satisfied with product pages.
[00:27:11] More photography needed to showcase sock usage.
[00:31:00] Experimentation with meta fields on collections and products, considering other options for customization. The learning process was valuable. Limited resources on meta fields online.
[00:34:26] Website continuously improves, clear navigation, friction-free experience.
[00:38:38] Sendlane: Best platform for e-commerce brands.
[00:40:43] Consistently testing ad sets for marketing success.
[00:44:51] Take their word, slowly increment, fewer creatives.
[00:50:20] Rob and I will go to the Nordic spa, our hangout.
[00:51:34] Will Ferrell's morbid character kills at dinner.

Welcome back to another exciting episode of EcomGold. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Taylor Fraser from Outway Socks. Taylor is a master at fusing tech and marketing together, particularly when it comes to leveraging meta fields in collections and products. He's gained an immense amount of knowledge and confidence through working on product pages and are open to exploring other areas for customization. Taylor has truly mastered the art of building and customizing, making him the go-to person for any future tasks in this domain.
During our conversation, Taylor shares their struggles of finding helpful information about meta fields online and highlights how they were able to overcome these challenges. Together, we dive deep into the untapped opportunities of merging technology and marketing and discuss why it is the frontier of modern marketing. Finn emphasizes the rarity of individuals who possess the ability to code and be creative simultaneously, and the importance of acquiring these skills.
One of the fascinating topics Taylor discusses is the use of meta fields to manipulate and customize elements on a webpage. They share an example of how Outway crafted a compelling product page by incorporating a banner that dynamically conveys the value propositions of their socks tailored by product. Taylor's approach is all about keeping things clean and simple, eliminating the need for separate landing pages and focusing on making their product pages as compel

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