Growing Holme & Hadfield to 8 figures.
Ecom GoldNovember 23, 2023x
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Growing Holme & Hadfield to 8 figures.

In this episode of EcomGold, we peel back the curtains to reveal the intriguing journey of Phil Hadfield, the entrepreneur behind a successful watch, display, and storage unit. Originally launched on Amazon, Phil's business exceeded expectations, selling out their initial order of 500 units in a swift three weeks. In a candid chat with Finn, Phil delves into the opportunities, challenges, and strategies that colour his entrepreneurial experience - from expanding into the D to C arena, responding to customer demand for new products, grappling with quality standards, to navigating the tricky waters of Amazon's selling restrictions and data limitations. Will his mammoth Black Friday sales goal be actualised this year? Tune in as Phil shares his thoughtful insights.

00:00 In-person podcast with Phil Hadfield on e-commerce.

04:10 Suit work to freedom: beach chat inspires swimwear brand.

07:34 New watch organizer brand for modern consumers.

11:53 Big collections fuel profitable business growth.

15:15 Commitment to high standards, rigorous inspections, fragile product.

18:40 Gray hat tactics, American reviews, PPC, photography.

22:26 Finances dialed in; overstocked from pre-order.

23:22 Great sales, influencer included us this year.

27:48 Developed product inspired by Pete McKinnon adorns.

29:43 Don't get distracted, focus on Amazon.

35:27 Impact, growth, revenue, customer data - brand success.

36:11 Switched to 3PL, improved order fulfillment. Expanded to Germany and UK.

41:13 Need investment, bad hires, overpaying, need help.

43:35 Launching new products, expanding into US retail.

47:47 Seeking financing, preferably with value-addition.

49:56 Being proactive, seeking advice and connections.

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