New York Party King: How to throw killer tech events and build an insane network with Andrew Yeung.
Ecom GoldJuly 13, 2023x
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New York Party King: How to throw killer tech events and build an insane network with Andrew Yeung.

[00:00:00] Ecommerce Gold show featuring Andrew Yuan, a networked NY entrepreneur and Google exec. Sponsored by Sendane and Rewind.
[00:05:30] Grateful for mentors, networking creates value.
[00:10:39] Event host helps people build new communities.
[00:13:02] "Tech Gatsby: Enjoy small events, logistics challenge."
[00:18:48] Events as a creative outlet for kindness.
[00:21:58] Networking events like the Junto Club are structured to create valuable connections and a sense of community. Attendees are encouraged to introduce themselves and engage in meaningful conversations. The club also organizes larger parties where people can socialize and have fun.
[00:26:51] Product iterations, volunteers, yellow lanyards, networking event.
[00:29:29] Understanding and helping people, empowering connections.
[00:35:06] High-level structure for planning successful events.
[00:37:23] Four essential event planning steps: intention, people, venue, partnerships/sponsorships.
[00:41:42] Big banks, recruiting agencies, B2B SaaS companies, hotels, sponsors, all have different wants and needs.
[00:44:48] Venue stress, event extorted, awkward San Francisco vibe.
[00:48:22] Potential $300K revenue from sponsorships; Lead gen program attracts talented tech people; Events business can drive revenue through content and socials; Building a platform layer with senior investors; Deal flow program to help founders raise money; Talent network and partnership network; Exploring different business models connected through a network platform; Considering starting a retreat and a podcast.

On this episode of EcomGold, join hosts Finn and Andrew as they dive into the world of event

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