Next Gen Drinking: How Brez Is Transforming the Cannabis Beverage Market
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Next Gen Drinking: How Brez Is Transforming the Cannabis Beverage Market

This week, Finn is joined by Aaron from Brez, a ground-breaking brand disrupting the alcohol industry. In this episode, we'll dive into the fascinating story behind Brez, a cannabis beverage that aims to create people-centric products through innovative and less regulated approaches. Aaron will share how the idea for Brez was born, the challenges they faced in developing the brand, and their mission to provide consumers with refreshing, hydrating, and healthier alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. We'll also discuss the evolving culture of drinking, the emergence of the CBD and hemp-derived THC markets, and the future direction of the cannabis industry. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by Aaron's journey of disruption and innovation in the alcohol industry.

[00:00:00] Ecom Gold podcast welcomes special guest Aaron from Brez, a THC-infused beverage disrupting the alcohol industry.

[00:06:00] Founder of Lucid, dealt with ad restrictions. Partnered with Nick and built successful brands. Expanded into CBD and cannabis industry. Developed new brand called Brez with partners. Successful team effort.

[00:12:26] CBD market declined, Delta-8 THC booming. Hemp-derived THC legalized, market expanding rapidly.

[00:21:20] Girlfriend tries cannabis in Amsterdam, has hilarious experience.

[00:23:15] Nano emulsion technology creates a unique cannabis experience. It offers clarity and control unlike smoking or edibles. Current cannabis culture lacks understanding of dosage. Brez introduces a clear and gateway to cannabis. Brez uses 2.5mg to 5mg doses. Feel the effects within five minutes. Provides relief and happy euphoria similar to alcohol. Includes lions mane mushroom for cognitive enhancement. Not overly intoxicating or sedating like other methods.

[00:32:47] Lucky start to cannabis beverage business. Fast and successful launch.

[00:42:27] Creating a great product is key. Spread through word of mouth for fast growth.

[00:46:53] Experience is a combination of taste and feeling. Taste is subjective, but more people associate with feeling. Lemon and grapefruit-based drink tastes natural and refreshing. The goal is to reduce sugar content and create healthier options. A pharmacology PhD joins the company for future product development.

[00:54:52] Creating drinks and products for changing bar culture.

[01:00:23] Alcohol harmful, Brez enhances recreational activities.

[01:03:37] Changing states is innate; Brez offers a solution.

[01:09:29] Nick Shack's product promises a major success

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