Now That's What I Call EcomGold - Special Volume 3
Ecom GoldDecember 15, 2022x
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Now That's What I Call EcomGold - Special Volume 3

Epic episode with a compilation of brilliant guests, insights and fun. 

Coming up in this episode. 

I ask Sean from Kuru footwear about generating new customers. Cody from Jones road beauty about creating an online brand experience. Heber one half of the CrossFit content creators ButteryBros how brands should work with creators. Jon a renowned Amazon expert about how to please the Amazon algorithm. Mordechi of Red Moose about how to create content that sells and Ash from Obvi about his fave tactical paid acquisition channel. A special thanks to our sponsors Rewind backups a Shopify app that backs up your data daily and Rewing Copy a Shopify app that creates a low cost staging version of your site. VIXXR the Shopify design and development agency who have a special offer on Plus Migrations at the moment which includes lower card processing fees, your first month of Plus for free and £500 in development credits. 

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