S01 EP32: Now That's What I Call EcomGold - Special Volume 1.
Ecom GoldDecember 01, 2022x
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S01 EP32: Now That's What I Call EcomGold - Special Volume 1.

Now That's What I Call EcomGold - Special Volume 1.
While we prepare for Season 2 available from January 2023 we've put together four special episodes of EcomGold. Mashups! We've extracted some great insights from the previous episodes and compacted them into bitesized chunks. In this first 45 minute special we have:
Chris from Crossnet on moving into retail.
Kristen from SuitShop on UGC VS CGC (creator generated content).
Drew from Mad Rabbit on bootstrapping VS raising external funding.
Kaite from Aila on finding an expert to help create your products.
Jarod from Muddy Bites on Kickstarter.
Eli from Jones Road on customer experience.

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