S2 E24: Ryan Mckenzie, 100M+ Eco-Friendly DTC Brand Marketing Strategies, Overcoming Challenges & Prime Day.
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S2 E24: Ryan Mckenzie, 100M+ Eco-Friendly DTC Brand Marketing Strategies, Overcoming Challenges & Prime Day.

Ready to kick your single-use laundry plastic waste to the curb? Join us as we discuss our revolutionary direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand that eliminates plastic waste, and learn how they scaled up to an eight-figure run rate in under a year. By focusing on DTC sales and leveraging acquisition models like Facebook, Google, and influencer marketing, we were able to make a massive impact on the environment, saving approximately 107 million plastic containers from entering landfills and oceans.

With the introduction of their innovative laundry product, a strip of detergent, they faced the unique challenge of marketing a new form in the cleaning market. Listen in as we explore the importance of creative marketing, risk reversal, and providing a solid guarantee to customers. Plus, hear about their decision to introduce Amazon and retail into their business mix, and the current channel split between DTC, Amazon, and retail.

As we share practical tips on maximizing sales through bundling, leveraging Prime Day, and using price anchoring, discover how to overcome the challenges of managing inventory, navigating cash flow, and scaling up supply chains in a rapidly growing DTC business. Tune in for our insightful conversation filled with valuable takeaways on building a successful DTC brand, advertising mistakes and tips to bust customer objections, and create confidence in your product.

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