S2 E26: Karly McFarland: 7 Months at Mini Katana.
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S2 E26: Karly McFarland: 7 Months at Mini Katana.

In this episode, we dive into the contrasting worlds of agency life and working for an explosive brand, exploring the challenges and successes that come with each. Our guest Karly discusses the importance of networking, surrounding yourself with the right people, and being open to new opportunities that propel you forward. She also shares her journey of writing a book, building a personal brand from the ground up, and the pivotal role their executive coach played in her personal and professional evolution.

We touch upon the e-commerce landscape, the exponential growth of online stores since the pandemic, and what it takes to create a successful business. Listen in as we explore the significance of having a clear vision, project plan, KPIs, and a monitoring dashboard – vital tools for any entrepreneur or business owner. Don't miss this engaging and insightful conversation filled with powerful takeaways that could transform your entrepreneurial journey.

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