Taking on giants. Selling pharmaceuticals with Ryan Gresh.
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Taking on giants. Selling pharmaceuticals with Ryan Gresh.

[00:09:53] Feel Good Labs founded on family-developed product, pain relief through skin delivery. Nature-inspired ingredients found to be effective.
[00:13:59] Increase product absorption through clean skin.
[00:18:33] Passionate entrepreneur provides hope and relief.
[00:24:39] Decades-in-the-making pain reliever formulation, manufacturing setbacks.
[00:33:43] Challenges, authenticity, and scaling QVC success.
[00:38:05] Functional medicine aims to improve overall wellness by addressing inflammation and stress. They offer natural pain cream and sport recovery lotion as initial products, then educate customers on supplements like vitamin D and fish oil for optimal health. Hydration, sleep, and nutrition are prioritized in that order. The brand recently launched a food inflammation test that reveals individual reactions to different foods. This test helps people reduce inflammation and improve overall body function.
[00:46:37] Retail growth is the ultimate playbook.
[00:51:50] Business changed, considering possible buyout, personal mission.
[00:55:37] Growing wellness company with unique pain relief approach.
[01:01:42] Iterative packaging design with emphasis on experience.
[01:07:50] Promising pain relief, but challenges exist.

Ryan's father, a knowledgeable expert in formulating drugs for transdermal delivery, spent decades perfecting topical pain relievers. The breakthrough came when he started collaborating with local herbalists and experimenting with different natural ingredients.

Throughout their journey, they encountered various challenges, including regulatory requirements and the need for preservatives to extend shelf life. But they didn't let these obstacles hinder their progress. In fact, they're now working on a new foot and leg pain spray, refining the formulation even further.
The Feel Good Labs' vision extends beyond just pain relief. They're devoted to building a world where people can be healthy and feel good without relying on supplements or pain relievers. Their dedication to educating customers on overall wellness is truly admirable.
But how does Feel Good Labs differentiate itself in a market dominated by big players? How do they address the skepticism surrounding natural products' efficacy? And what strategies are they implementing to make a lasting impact?
Stay tuned as we delve into these questions and more, and uncover the captivating story of Feel Good Labs. So, without further ado, let's jump right into our conversation with Ryan.

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