The Power of Disruptive Content: Purple's Goldilocks Video and Kizik's Hands-Free Shoes.
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The Power of Disruptive Content: Purple's Goldilocks Video and Kizik's Hands-Free Shoes.

 In today's episode, our host Finn is joined by special guest Brett from the nine-figure brand Kizik, known for their game-changing hands-free shoes. We'll dive into Kizik's journey in the shoe industry and their goal of reaching a billion dollars in revenue. But first, we'll take a fascinating look at how Purple disrupted the mattress industry through their goldilocks video campaign and how Kizik employs a similar strategy to revolutionize footwear. From creating entertaining and memorable content to expanding into retail stores and international markets, our guest shares valuable insights into their successful marketing and growth strategies. Stay tuned as we uncover the secrets to becoming a household name and disrupting the world of shoes. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors, Sendlane and Rewind. Let's dive in!

[00:00:00] E-commerce podcast features Bret discussing hands-free shoe.
[00:03:25] Workaholic marketer strives to balance work and family.
[00:07:11] Changing business goals, growth, challenges, team management.
[00:10:52] Prioritize impactful tasks, avoid unnecessary meetings.
[00:14:59] Hands-free tech company revolutionizing footwear industry.
[00:20:01] From photographer to marketer, learning and growing.
[00:25:04] Purple focused on disruptive video content, using humor and long-form videos to stand out in the mattress industry. Kisick, a footwear company, followed a similar strategy of creating entertaining and memorable content to disrupt the relatively unchanged footwear market. Videos and demonstrations helped turn skeptics into believers for Kisick's innovative technology.
[00:28:46] Functional footwear brand evolves to be aspirational.
[00:34:53] Video first, demonstrating unique Hands Free technology.
[00:39:55] Paid social is the biggest contributor (55-60%), followed by YouTube (5%) and paid search (10%). Testing platforms like TikTok and Snapchat is challenging to scale. Facebook and Google dominate the budget. Paid influencer partnerships are used for product promotion. Organic content is repurposed from paid social. The target audience is busy moms aged 25-40. They are active on Instagram and TikTok.
[00:42:49] If you're in the DTC space, use Sendlane.
[00:47:27] Shoes are sexy; more repeat buyers.
[00:50:46] Flexible online sales, expanding into retail.
[00:52:46] Expanding brand with new stores, international expansion.
[00:56:44] Thank you, Bret, for joining the Ecom Gold podcast.

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