The Ultimate Custom DTC Dashboard with Tyson Drake
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The Ultimate Custom DTC Dashboard with Tyson Drake

In part one of our chat with the astute Tyson Drake, we're delving into the intricacies of venture capital from a perspective that's not solely fixated on funding. Tyson takes us through Project Day’s selective investment process, highlighting the much-sought-after expertise and guidance they provide at various stages of a company's growth, from seed to Series A.

We'll also peel back the layers of Tyson’s innovative scorecard framework—an amalgamation of his rich experience in business intelligence and the venture capital space. Tyson shares the game-changing value of transparency and understanding in e-commerce metrics, which his dashboard masterfully encapsulates.

Adding to the mix, Tyson recounts his journey through performance marketing, the concept of fractional CMOs, and his first-hand insights into the world of venture capital. And to add a personal touch, Finn shares an anecdote about the lifesaver that is Rewind for Shopify sites.

Join us as we unravel the contrasts between VC and agency business models, explore Tyson's global consultancy reach, and discuss his strategies for managing high-volume accounts.

Get ready for a mind-expanding session in part one with Tyson Drake on EcomGold —where the details of execution are as thrilling as the vision of success. And don't forget to tune in for part two, where we'll put these metrics under the microscope and dive even deeper into data-driven decision-making. Stay tuned!

00:00 Tyson Drake, marketing guru, created powerful e-commerce dashboard.

04:45 Australian market, internationalization, scale, currency.

09:08 Experience in marketing, leading teams for acquisitions.

13:06 Fractional CMO model introduced in Berlin, 2015.

14:16 Deep, value-focused work as a fractional CMO.

18:46 Assessing potential for partnership and investment.

20:57 CEO and board manage company's change process.

26:28 Different models for structuring accounts in agencies.

27:35 Efficiency in managing accounts for maximum impact.

33:33 Working with VCs as a data-centric challenge.

36:52 Ported and developed bi internal dashboards, enhancing reporting.

39:27 Tweet led to fascinating data visualization discovery.

42:03 Metrics often overlooked, impacting business decisions.

46:20 Website: Adding to cart, checking out, metrics.

48:48 Keep track of customer percentage for growth.

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